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Rob Wheen in China

Rob Wheen in China for the ACOST symposium.
Rob Wheen in China for the ACOST symposium.

The Ocean Nourishment Foundation artificial reef was introduced at the Fourth Australia China Ocean Science and Technology workshop in Qingdao.

Rob Wheen gave a much appreciated talk on how the ONF reef design used local materials and could be built by villagers from a model supplied by ONF. The concept is scaleable and can be executed by locals with access to bamboo.

First Reef Launched

The Fijian village of Yanuca, the only village on Yanuca Island is now monitoring their new nutrient retaining reef. Built in less than a day from bamboo, local fishermen deployed it in 10 metres of water to increase the fish stocks.

A video of the construction and deployment of the reef is availiable on YouTube:

An Artificial Reef for Fijian Fisherman by ONF

Rob Wheen of the ONF supervised the deployment of the reef.

Yanuca island fishermen deploy artificial reef.
Yanuca Island villagers deploying the nutrient retaining reef.

ONF Supports Community Marine Research Project in Costa Rica

During December 2013 the Ocean Nourishment Foundation supported a project involving students from several Australian Universities in an International Student Volunteer (ISV) Project in San Juanillo, Costa Rica.

This was the first stage of a sustainable fisheries project with the ISV that was completed from December 3rd to 16th 2013. The ISV team consisted of 9 Australian student volunteers along with the ISV project leaders Esteban Rojas and Wagner Quiros, working with scientist Edwina Tanner and research assistant Ryan Liddell from the University of Sydney plus local scientist Fernando Campos from University National Costa Rica.

The aim of the group's investigations was to determine the current status of the fisheries and coral reefs in the region whilst implementing the first phases of a two year research and development project designed to improve conditions in the small fishing community. The project assessed the current state of the local fishery, established a coral nursery, trialled a design of a Fish Attracting Device, and began investigations into how the fishing can be sustainably improved for the fisher people of the village.

A short overview of the project activities is available through the University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

Costa Rica collage
Scenes from the Costa Rica marine research project.

Survey Report Posted

Swetha Natarajan with Indian fisherfolk
Swetha Natarajan with Indian fisherfolk.

A summary of volunteer Swetha Natarajan's work interviewing fisherman in India has been posted in the reports section of the website. Tamil Nadu, India, 2009.

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Ocean Nourishment Foundation Patent Published

The ONF patent application: PCT/AU2008/000580 concerning increasing fish catch by ocean nourishment has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).