Welcome to ONF

The Ocean Nourishment Foundation (ONF) aims to assist the malnourished population of the world by enhancing the productivity of the oceans' fisheries and facilitating access to these resources by those most in need.

As of today, 800 million people suffer from malnutrition and within 30 years two billion more will require additional protein. Fish contribute a significant proportion of protein available to coastal states and now there is an emerging understanding on how to increase wild fish stocks.

The ONF is dedicated to increasing the marine resources available to poor malnourished peoples world-wide. It is pursuing two concepts: artificial nutrient retaining reefs in coastal waters and macronutrient fertilisation in the deep water.

We have launched our first nutrient retaining artificial reef in Fiji and we are about to demonstrate to the fishermen of el Jadida in Morocco the techiniques of injecting new nutrients into surface waters of the deep oceans. (Read more ...)

Fishing boat
Typical fishing boat used by subsistence fishermen in the Philippines. ONF senior consultant Bruce Judd is on the left in the striped shirt.